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Friday, September 19, 2014

Lord of Regrets

London 1808,

Marcus a lord fighting in wars, and his secret mistress Natasha. Now we all know what happens to mistresses they ether get caught by the wife, or they wind up pregnant. The mistress, Natasha, winds up pregnant and being a petulant boy he tells her to rid of the baby. Well not only does she refuse to get rid of the precious life, she jumps out the window never to be found again for five years. Now, Marcus must re- write his wrongs ,and force himself to leave the money behind to start a relationship with his new daughter, and try to rekindle the fire between him and Natasha. However, as Natasha keeps pushing him away we see just how far a man will go until he leaves, and threatens never to come back.

Check out this book, it is a very good historical short romance that gets the blood pounding ,and the blushing started.