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Friday, July 12, 2013

New and Upcoming Books

" Existence" by Abbi Glines

    This mystery/ thriller romance novel takes a teenage girl Pagan Moore, has the ability to speak and and see souls. She thinks all is well at first because most souls are not able to communicate until a hottie with gorgeous blue eyes appears. Entranced by these blue eyes, she faces the difficulty to ignore his presence, and he has no will in leaving her either. Trying to ignore him she ends up encompassed by the school jock named Leif Montgomery when he just "suddenly" needs help in speech class for his dyslexia. After blowing him off, she then feel remorse for her actions ,and helps him earn an A on his paper. She figures he's not so bad a starts to fall for him, until she sees him and his ex Kendra speaking, after blowing her off on one of their study sessions. Starting to cry ,she runs outside, but who appears Hottie Ghost boy telling her to go back, but to devastated she goes. Getting into a car crash she feels the air leaving her until she is dragged out by a mysterious someone.

    Leif becoming her new boyfriend makes her feel more comfortable after her other boyfriend left for college. But, something doesn't feel right to her until she gets to school after spending time in the hospital from the car accident. She finds that ghost boy has appeared, and to her news is the lead singer in a band called "Cold Soul". Completely surprised she tries to get him to explain his being their. But, is faced with another soul who is trying to kill her until Dank the ghost boy steps in and saves her from the chilling ghost girl.

  Not to spoil all the fun in the book I highly recommend if one is looking for a mystery and romance book this is for them. Hope you enjoyed the basic rundown and get the book for yourselves.