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Friday, September 26, 2014

Hale Maree

Hale Maree is one of the best romantic books I have read in a long time. We start with the whole deal of a  drunken father and his 18 year old daughter barely making it in life. Then when one night goes wrong, she finds herself in an arranged marriage with Oscar Maree. Now, I must agree with Gale what kind of name is Oscar, but then (as always) she sees the sexy eyes, and his rock hard body and what can she be but attracted to him. So, as we continue in this tale we face a girl friend framed for cheating, and a best friend who is crazy enough to be in the psych ward. But, with all that we get a cute tale of love and hate, and love at first sight, but what is a romance book without a little steaming of the cheeks.

Highly enjoyed, when you get the chance to read this book. READ IT!!! 😃