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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Opposition (Warning: Spoiler alerts)

        As we come to a close with Jennifer Armentrout's Lux series, we will FINALLY get to see how the things play out when you get a bunch of crazy Luxen falling from the skies. I must say I'm glad none of the Black family died. But, I'm devastated for Katy's loss, WHY?? Jennifer WHY???, but all in all the series ended out with a bright future for all of them. Though, as much as I didn't enjoy Ash, I wish we still had some of her snarky insight on things, but I think Dee made up for that just fine. I will definitely miss the Black family, and hope there will be some prequels to come. Luc by far is my favorite character second to Daemon and Katy. He has the whole cool badass thing goin on, but also we see his kind side when he tries to get the Prometheus serum to work for his friend . But, as many were hoping, I also secretly wished there would be a little Daemon baby, but since we can't have that wish we will stick to the Dawson and Beth baby, who happens to be the first Origin female. But, as much as I love spoilers, I'll stop here, and say THANK YOU Jennifer Armentrout for giving us such a great series, and giving us the book boyfriend we ALL wish we could have. Hopefully one day, I will get to be called "Kitten" in the sexy brooding way.

Thanks to those who are reading this hopefully there are more posts to come.