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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lost in Me by Lexi Ryan

Lost in Me was a riveting tale, about a young woman who suffers from amnesia, and is forced to remember everything that has happened to her within a years time. I highly enjoyed Lost in Me because the main character Hannah not only suffers from amnesia, but in her life before she suffered from society social norms of being too big. So, now as she comes to remember she finds that she has been dating her crush Max Hallowell, but every thing is not what it seems when she finds out about her broken relationship with her sister and her scheduled meetings with a therapist. She comes to find out about her eating disorder, and a silent partner in her bakery business who she can only believe to be rock star Nate Crane who is all types of sexy, dark, and brooding. Too, the fact that he came into her apartment with a key, and nearly had sex with her kind of gave it away. But, as time continues she learns that her upcoming wedding with Max maybe the worst decision of her life.