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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Before You


        In this becoming of adult book, we experience Aubrey Keaton's journey into finding herself.  I enjoyed this read because we have two sexy band members, in the same band for the matter, on the rise to fame. Bre first meets Jax, player with a sexy devilish smile on his face. Instantly attracted, Bre must remind herself she is there for the sole purpose of long time boyfriend Cam. Little does she realize that Cam has been cheating on her while he resides in LA. Her visit for a month turns into a visit of loneliness as Cam occupies himself with work, band, and other women besides Bre. So who is there to step in, her knight an shining armour, Jax. As they spend more time with each other the undeniable attraction becomes too much to bare, and one drunk night will change everything for her.
I rate this book at.....